How Much Does A Baby Walker Cost In 2018?

Has your baby taken his very first step? If that is the case, then it’s time for a celebration. And also, it’s time to get your list of 2018 best walkers for babies that your little tyke could use to train to walk. But before you hustle your way to the market, check your budget first. Just how much does a baby walker cost this year?Baby walker variants

Well, lucky for you, while memories of our babies are priceless, a baby walker should cost you around $30-$200. Of course, the latter should have more features and on a popular brand. So if you are well-off, then $200 should not be a big deal for you. To give you more ideas, we will give you a short list of best baby walkers so you can choose properly. But before that here’s what you should look for when choosing a baby walker.

Things to consider before buying a baby walker

Before you go ahead and buy a baby walker, you must first make sure that you are buying the right one for your baby. There are factors that you should consider first since not all baby walkers are the same. So here are the things you should consider before buying a baby walker.

The Brand

Oftentimes, brands are the best bet in terms of choosing a baby walker. Long and established brand on certain products has the most experience. Therefore, they know a lot about the proper and the right way of making baby walkers.

Another reason is that popular brands like to keep their name synonymous with quality. That is why there is a good chance that you will be getting a good product when you get one bearing a good brand name. But like I said, this happens most of the time. It means they don’t always get it right all the time. But compared to newer brands, they have better odds and advantage when you come to think of it.

Weight Limit

Not every baby is the same from one another. Your baby could be 6 months and weigh like a 1-year-old or vice versa. So when you buy a baby walker, make sure that its weight limit covers your child’s. Because if you just bought a baby walker and your baby exceed its weight limit, it could cause harm to your little one.


Keep in mind that babies love toys. They like colorful things in front of them. They fiddle with things that they can touch and play around with. Also, it helps distract them if you are busy. It keeps them entertained. So make sure that the baby walker on your list of choices has got some toys included in it.

Size Limit

The size limit is another thing to consider when buying a baby walker. Make sure that your child will fit inside the walker’s rim. With size, the base is crucial. If it is any smaller that your child’s feet could easily reach the base of the walker, that means it could potentially hurt the baby. So the base should be wider so the child’s feet can freely move.

Also, consider the child’s body with the baby walker’s size. It should be wide that enable mobility but still lightweight so that the child can drag it without much force.

Height Adjustability

Babies grow so fast. If your child started using a walker as early as 6 months, the speed of his growth could be exponential. So in order for the child to not easily outgrow the baby walker, choose the one that has height adjustability feature. This will ensure that the baby walker would still be useful in the next year or so.


Companies and manufacturer will always state the theoretical maximum capacity of their product. The same goes for baby walkers. So whatever the product descriptions would say, do not believe it too quickly. Consider those first and then look out for reviews about it.

User reviews are actual experiences of consumers. They will say their complaints and satisfaction about the baby walker. If a baby walker gets a lot of negative reviews. Refrain from buying it.


The last thing to consider is the budget. We all know how parents are willing to give everything to their child. But not all parents can afford a luxurious baby walker. So this advice is for those parents who are on a tight budget.

Always look out for those factors mentioned above. Then look for the baby walkers that you think fits into those categories. Choose at least three or more. Weigh your options including the budget. It should all fall into places.

Never ever buy a baby walker on impulse. Read user reviews about the product and make sure the positive outweighs the negative comments with a bigger margin.

10 Best Baby Walkers Pricelist

  1. Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer — $81.40
  2. Joovy Spoon Walker — $79.99
  3. Disney Baby Music and Lights Walker — $69.99
  4. Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center — $89.99
  5. VTech Sit to Stand Learning Walker — $29.88
  6. Delta Children Lil’ Drive Baby Activity Walker —$51.99
  7. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Stroll-Along Walker — $52.49
  8. Delta Children Lil Playstation II 3-in-1 Activity Center —$62.14
  9. VTech Sit, Stand and Ride Baby Walker — $43.64
  10. Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker — $42.83

Note that price may vary every now and then. While these prices are accurate at the time that this article was written, we do not have control over price fluctuation in the market especially online. You may check these best baby walkers here to learn more details about the products mentioned above.

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