What Age Can A Baby Use A Baby Walker?

It is a milestone when our baby makes his first step. And when that happens, we want so bad to watch him make his first proper walk and so on. But to get to that point some of us are eager to hasten the baby’s development and use a baby walker. The question is, is it the right time for your baby to use a baby walker?baby walker for kids

Things to consider before putting your baby to a baby walker

As excited as we are as parents watching our baby took his first step, we can’t just get a baby walker and put our baby in it. That could be harmful to the baby’s physical development. There are things to consider first before we decide to put the baby in such transition period.

  • Muscle development

The baby must and should be physically ready to use a baby walker. Even if the baby is 6 months old already, it does not warrant that the baby is ready for a baby walker. Make sure that he can make more than just one step and that he can lift his head properly when he tries to stand up.baby walkers

  • Safety

A baby walker that you choose for your baby should be safe to use. Although most baby walkers in the market all claim that they are, it’s not actually the case. To make sure that they are safe you should see that the base of the baby walker is wide at the base. This is to prevent the baby from tripping off the rim and wheels of the walker.

  • Comfort

The baby walker that you choose for your baby should be comfortable. That means there should be a lot of padding in it so that the baby will not get hurt for a longer period of use.

Also, to make sure that the padding is comfortable, you should test it yourself. Use your hand to get a feel for how comfortable the padding is.

What age can a baby use a baby walker?

There is no exact age for a baby to use a baby walker. But to be safe, never put younger than 6 months old baby to a baby walker. It is dangerous to do so. However, if you want then you can get an awesome walker for your 6 months old baby. They still have fragile bones and muscles so putting them onto that much stress will cause more harm than good.

The appropriate stage that a baby can use a baby walker is when he can actually hold is head properly. When he can do a couple of steps with a little more balance then he can be allowed to use a baby walker. When that time comes, you may then choose the best baby walkers on the market.

However, if you want to buy something for the development of your baby then you can buy a baby monitor. A baby monitor will help to make sure that you are close to your baby all the times, I believe this is the best investment that you can make. If can check the best baby monitors for twins from here. I think you will love these 2018 twins baby walkers.

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